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Bundeswehr in Afghanistan.

31.03.2010 - Afghanistan - DVIDSHUB.net - Tag 30 der Offensive "Muschtarak". in Afghanistan . Interview mit Soldaten der Bundeswehr in Afghanistan.
I worry sometimes that the world looks and sees only four nations involved in operations here, the United States, Great Britain, Germany and Afghanistan itself. This is one of the major reasons that Ken and I started this trip. The one thing we have learned so far is that there are so many other countries contributing as well. No, the other countries arent contributing 75,000 troops towards security, but they are contributing as much as they can. Many of these little countries, like Bosnia and Herzegovinia, Croatia, and Georgia have a population of less than five million, yet they still find a way to support missions like the Balkans, Kosovo and Afghanistan. Provided by ISAF Joint Command.. Infos & Video by DVIDSHUB  www.dvidshub.net  

>>> - U.S. Marine Helikopter in Afghanistan und U.S. Marines auf Patrouille -Video- <<<

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